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What are we? Empty What are we?

on Wed Jul 31, 2019 10:02 am
Who are we?
The OMR or Organisation of Mutual Researchers is a fictional conglomerate of individuals banded together for one goal, that goal is to make confidential information readily available to our fellow Researchers. We share, build upon and expand current knowledge to better the world and ensure the safety of it's denizens.

Everything posted on the OMR must not conflict with SRN Cannon , this includes knowledge that Researchers would not otherwise be able to gain without conflicting with the Cannon, e.g. a personal account of Sonic the Hedgehog, study on Chaos Emeralds, information from other fandoms etc.

The Researchers of the OMR are our excellent members who contribute to our archives. Everyone starts off as a Student, simply here to study what knowledge has already been shared, a Researcher however, is a character that you volunteer forward to act as a medium through which you can share your knowledge with everyone, you can apply to become a Researcher in the Application section of our Forum. If you're application is successful you will become a Researcher and can make posts in our 'Items of interest' Section.
- Head Researchers
Our Head Researchers are just a fancy name for our Moderators, but keep in mind that they are still able to monitor and modify any post made in the forum. Please treat them with respect.
Pretty self explanitory, the Founders are the Researchers who created the OMR, they founded it both in-cannon and irl. Founders have supreme power over all posts and can modify, monitor and change as such.

The OMR is not a Social Media platform, and is not to be used solely for messaging other people, consistent out-of-character talk will invoke repremanding. In Character talk is completely acceptable in any amount, however disrespectful, spam, or one-word posts will not be tolerated.
While we accept a lot of odd and occasionally dark information here at the OMR, we will not tolerate overly sexual content, and consistent use of profanity will also result in a warning and possibly further reprehension.
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