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1: Agent #001b - [Located] Empty 1: Agent #001b - [Located]

on Thu Aug 01, 2019 8:46 pm
Name: None

Agent Name: #001b

Age: 7 (Relative to Original Model)

Species: Robotic Chameleon

Gender: None

#001b is much larger than most other chameleons in it's stature and height, but like it's non-robotic kin it does however feature a long, curling tail. In relation to height, it's eye-level is roughly 20cm above other chameleons, putting it at above-average height. Its chassis is a dark metallic Red, almost Crimson, allowing enough difference between it and the dark black detailing for an intimidating contrast. All other traits are similar to that of the common chameleon, albeit a robotic chameleon.
Due to it's robotic nature, the scanning lenses for #001b are a deep green.

#001b's robotic nature forces it to obey any and all commands it's given by it's master (currently deceased). Without a master #001b will fulfil the last task it was given and then shut down. Unlike it's robotic father, #001a, #001b was not given a task to track down any one individual. Instead it was tasked with gaurding the ruins of the Agents facility. This factor causes #001b to be focused solely on it's task, and it will attack anyone in sight.
Contact with #001b will cause it to become extremely agressive and it will attempt to terminate any targets that enter within the crater that was once the Agents facility..

Combat traits

#001b has been endowed with extra-ordinary mechanical hydraulic systems, exceeding far beyond any military capabilities for robots of it's size, however no replacement parts were produced, making #001b's mechanical strength impossible to repair, or replicate without destroying the machine itself.

-Physical strength improved greatly, far exceeding that of any mobian, human, or even some industrial equipment.
-All body features are modular and can be swapped out with other #001 models or replaced by spare parts with a similair design.
-All body features contain pressure-release systems and can be used much like pheumatic pistons to deliver a 'power-fist' like blow.

-Is unable to communicate in any form of language, but is still able to understand speech and text.
-Is vulnerable to complete submersion in liquid substances, but otherwise mostly waterproof


#001b was originally conceived as a replacement chasis for #001's main neural network, and was originally set to receive major upgrades in all areas, not just limited to it's physical strength. But when the breakthrough to increase hydraulic speed was made, it was not compatible with the hydraulic strength that was used to endow #001b with it's ability. Research was then put into duplicated #001's neural network and into creating a substitute for both speed and strength that could be given to what would then be considered #001a.

Current situation: Guarding ruins of the Agents Facility
Current Goal: Protect the ruins
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