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1: Agent #001d - [MIA] Empty 1: Agent #001d - [MIA]

on Fri Aug 02, 2019 11:40 pm
Name: None

Agent Name: #001d

Age: 6 (Relative to Original Model)

Species: Robotic Chameleon

Gender: None

#001d is much like most other chameleons in it's stature and height, and like it's non-robotic kin it features a long, curling tail. In relation to height, it's eye-level is roughly 3cm above other chameleons, putting it at slightly above-average height. Its chassis is a dark metallic Magenta, although several patches of it's Chassis have changed colour from each sighting. All other traits are similar to that of the common chameleon, albeit a robotic chameleon.
Due to it's robotic nature, the scanning lenses for #001b are a deep Blue.

#001d's robotic nature forces it to obey any and all commands it's given by it's master (currently deceased). Without a master #001d will fulfil the last task it was given and then shut down. Unfortunately, roughly a year before the destruction of the Agent's facility, #001d was instructed to survive outside of the facility. This was done as a test to see how the adaptation could function while away from the base. #001d never returned to the facility, and was never able to receive another task, so it is assumed that #001d's current task is still to survive in the world.
#001d so far has proven non-hostile in most instances, and will only attack if any form of physical contact is made, or if any form of threatening is made towards it.

Combat traits

#001d has been programmed to replace any damaged hull with any suitable metal substance (after being cut down to size), and to salvage electronic components from any technological scrap it can find in order to repair itself. Replacement parts are not nessecary for #001d due to this ability, and as such the ability is not possible to replicate without capture.

-Able to integrate any electronic components or scrap metal into it's own chassis as replacements for damaged parts.

-Is unable to communicate in any form of language, but is still able to understand speech and text.
-Is vulnerable to complete submersion in liquid substances, but otherwise mostly waterproof
-No replacements were made for the neurological circuitry, and therefore damaged memory cannot be restored. Should the memory be wiped, #001d would no longer be able to repair itself.


After #001b and #001c were begrudginly constructed due to mechanical difficulties with integrating higher levels of technology into #001a, #001d was constructed in an attempt to test a new ability, which if successful, could be given to #001a. However, upon the first large-scale test #001d was sent into Fenris City to survive and test the extent of the selt-repair systems. It did not return, as no length of time was specified. From what has been gathered however, is that the memory of #001d is one-of a kind and the self-repair system is unable to restore any lost functionality to it.
Capture is impossible as #001d cannot be located at this time, and any attempts at duplication or repurposing is impossible due to the state of it's neurological network.

Current situation: Unknown
Current Goal: Assumed to be Survive.
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