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1: Agent #001e - [In custody] Empty 1: Agent #001e - [In custody]

on Fri Aug 02, 2019 11:59 pm
Name: None

Agent Name: #001e

Age: 5 (Relative to Original Model)

Species: Robotic Chameleon

Gender: None

#001e does not have any one shape or build, however in it's most common form, it is similar to most other chameleons in it's stature, height, and featuring a long, curling tail. In relation to height, it's eye-level is roughly 3cm above other chamelions, putting it at average height. Its chassis in all states is a dark metallic green, allowing enough difference between it and the black detailing for an intimidating contrast. All other traits are similar to that of the common chameleon, albeit a robotic chameleon, for it's common form. However, #001e is able to change its shape to match that of any space of equal volume.
Due to it's robotic nature, the scanning lenses for #001e are a deep red.

#001e's robotic nature forces it to obey any and all commands it's given by it's master (currently deceased). Without a master #001e will fulfil the last task it was given and then shut down. The last task that was given to #001e was to infiltrate a GUN database and begin downloading as much information as possible, share it between itself and the other #001 models and then destroy the GUN database, however it was caught while completing the latter of its tasks.
#001e then entered a relatively docile state, remaining still, but sometimes changing shape to match un-identified spaces for unknown purposes. #001e has not been noted to attack any living beings unless approached or threatened by an individual carrying a weapon.
It is assumed that #001e's task-system was reset during its capture, or it deemed the task completed sufficiently enough.

Combat traits

#001e is able to restructure its body to match any shape or space, allowing it to travel through spaces that it would not otherwise have been able to.

-All joints and hydraulic systems have extendable parts with sub-hydraulics or actuators that allow for movement in an almost full 360 degree arc in all directions.
-All hull plating is attached to the chassis by similair hydraulic systems and actuators that allow for manipulation in almost any direction.
-Able to access networks and electronic devices using in-built connection means, and can store 6TB of information on it's person at any time.

-Is unable to communicate in any form of language, but is still able to understand speech and text.
-Is vulnerable to complete submersion in liquid substances, but otherwise mostly waterproof
-Is unable to replace any of its parts with those of other #001 models due to it's complex sub-hull layering.


#001e was created as an attempt at integrating #001b's hydraulic systems and #001c's hydraulic systems, allowing for multi-layering and dependance on seperate actuator systems that would each have the different enhancements from both other models, however the enhancements did little to benefit each other and caused severe damage to the chassis of #001e.
It was then later discovered that when replacing the enhanced systems of #001e with regular systems that it could properly use each system independantly and function as a fluid shape. However the design was far too complex, and unnessesary for any actual use with the original #001a model and #001e was declared its own seperate model.

Current situation: GUN Custody
Current Goal: Unknown/Assumed to be None
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