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5: Winston - [Deceased] Empty 5: Winston - [Deceased]

on Sun Aug 04, 2019 10:25 pm
Name: Winston

Agent Name: 5

Age: 27

Species: Weasle

Gender: Male

Winston is rather short for a weasle, but his stature is rather stocky, suggesting a possible stunted growth. His eye-level is roughly 6cm below that of the average Weasle, putting him at below-average height. His fur is a navy blue with a pale and almost orchid coloured underbelly fur. Winston's right arm and both of his legs have been replaced with multi-segmented, extendable metal apendages, each of which are a dark metallic grey.
Winston's eyes were reportedly of a yellow hue.

Agent 5 was an agressive individual, choosing to take the most violent route possible when completing his tasks. From what can be gathered, this was not fuelled by any discomfort caused by his augmentations, although it's possible that they could have encouraged his behaviour. Reports and first-hand accounts of Agent 5 report that he chose to remain silent and never spoke during it's movement and attacks. Apparently Agent 5 did not care much for its treatment as an agent and would look forward to receiving tasks, carrying them out enthusiastically.
Contact with Winston would usually result in aggression unless the individual proved to be more advantageous alive rather than dead.

Combat traits


-Legs and right arm capable of extension through use of multi-segmented, compact hydraulic systems.
-Capable of connecting to networks or computer stations through use of USB input.

-Mechanical appendages are susceptable to water damage by submersion, and also sensetive to oxidisation and rust.


Agent 5 struggled with alchohol abuse for many years and his compulsive spending resulted in his homelessness. He was then abducted during the 'recruitment' process for the Agents program.
Winston's Augments were chosen to test the extent to which the Hydraulics being tested on #001 could be pushed, and had been planned to be integrated into #001's design, but there were issues with the compatability of the internal Hydraulics in the original model and the sub-dermal hydraulics used in Agent 5's abilities.

Once Agent 5 had been designated a complete agent and the main testing phase had been completed, it was determined that he would be fitted with a USB imput port able to connect directly to his neural network to gain access to data stored in external networks, so that he could be used efficiently in various tasks.

Current situation: Deceased
Current Goal: N/A
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