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Report - Agent's District Power Outtage Empty Report - Agent's District Power Outtage

on Wed Aug 07, 2019 5:31 pm

Reporting: GUN Omega Unit, 6 Leader

Time: 0400 Hours

Location: Site 78, Agents district.

Premise: Agents District lost power at 0100 Hours and the district was shut off from the rest of the site to prevent possible contamination of the area. Omega Unit was sent in to activate temporary generator and re-engage lighting and surveilance systems to assess the situation.

Begin Report:

[Omega Unit stands outside the locked door to the main coridoor for the Agents District.]
[The order for the door to unlock is given and the steel beams locking the door begin to retract]

Leader 6: "Door unlocking, still awaiting door opening."

Trooper 4: [Recorded quiet Humming]

[Doors fully unlocked and the doors retract]

Leader 6: "Door opening, stand ready."

Trooper 4: [Humming stops]

Trooper 5: "Cool Breeze."

Leader 6: "Remain in formation, move forward, 1 and 2 sweep left, 3 and 4 sweep right, 5 with me."

Trooper 1: "Copy."

Trooper 4: "Copy, moving right."

[Omega Unit move forward, entering the locked off district and begin to sweep the coridoors, Trooper 3 notes a thin fog buildup on the floor.]
[Both the repoerted cold breeze and fog are due to the freezers in the district having their seals broken by the power outtage and the cold air escaping into the rest of the closed off district.]

Trooper 3: "Clear."

Trooper 2: "Clear, continuing sweep."

Leader 6: "Keep sweeping, 5 watch the back."

Trooper 5: "Copy, watching back."

[Approximately 7 minutes of silence recorded, with each room being sweeped.]

Trooper 1: "Flashlight stopped working, I think I got some water in it."

Leader 6: "Replace batteries, keep sweeping."

Trooper 1: "Copy."

Trooper 3: "Reporting, door opens up to Office block, requesting full sweep."

Leader 6: "Copy, 1 and 2 finish sweep, move to 3 and 4's location."

[Trooper 1 and 2 finish sweeping room with no noted abnormalities, and all move to office block.]

Leader 6: "Locater indicates backup generator is beyond this block, sweep thouroughly but keep in mind this is not our goal."

Trooper 5: "Copy."

Trooper 3: "Copy, moving right."

Trooper 2: "Moving right."

Trooper 1: "Moving left."

Trooper 4: "Ahuh, moving Left." [begins to hum]

[Omega Unit Sweep office block for approximately 1 minute]

Trooper 2: "Reporting, documents have been scattered around this workstation."

Leader 6: "They were in a rush to get out of here when the power went out, keep sweeping."

Trooper 4: "mM- ah, I don't think we really have to worry about anything, we've only got a couple Agents locked up here and they're pretty harmless anyway." [returns to humming]

Leader 6: "Agents aren't our worry, the morgues and holding cells are on the far side of the district, focus on the task."

[Entire office block swept without further incident]

Leader 6: "Generator is at the end of the hallway, keep moving."

Trooper 3: "It's getting hard to see, 6."

[Fog level increased, the floor is now only visible through direct viewing and full extent of vapour is at waist height.]

Leader 6: "Ignore it, the freezers were at -5 degrees when this place went down and the morgues were at 2 degrees."

Trooper 1: "It's pretty cold though, I'm getting condensation on my locator."

Trooper 2: "Flashlight stopped working, moisture got into the batteries. Replacing."

Leader 6: "Replace and continue sweeping."

[Omega Unit exit the office block through the far end and begin to sweep the subsequent hallway with the previous sweeping groups.]

Trooper 5: "Locator stopped working, relying on you 6."

Leader 6: "Copy that 5, we'll be out of here soon enough."

Trooper 4: "Reporting, smelling something off. Filters letting through a... garlic smell."

Trooper 3: "Copy, also getting smell, 6."

Leader 6: "Find source, but continue as normal."

[30 seconds of recorded silence, Trooper 1 recorded sighing.]

Trooper 3: "Found the source, someone left their lunch behind, also spilled coffee."

[Lunch in question was recovered after operation, but the coffee stain remained for too long and could not be cleaned.]

Trooper 2: "Batteries stopped working again, no replacements available."

Leader 6: "Use 1's replacements and keep going."

Trooper 1: "Replacements already in use."

Leader 6: [Single heavy breath recorded] "2, go dark, rely on 1's flashlight for now. Once we got the lights on we don't have to worry about lighting."

Trooper 2: "Copy."

[Silence recorded for 3 minutes.]

Leader 6: "Generator up ahead, 5, in behind I'm going into the power room."

Trooper 5: "Following."

Trooper 2: [Slight static interference] "Copy." [Audio playback reveals feedback of Trooper 1 was picked up by Trooper 2's Microphone, however no such feedback was recorded in Trooper 2's incoming data log, and nor was it recorded in Trooper 1's outgoing data log. Feedback was only detectable by other Troopers through Trooper 2's Transmission, but was not audible without playback.]

Feedback: "Not advised."

[Leader 6 and Trooper 5 enter the power room]

Leader 6: "Moving to the generator."

Trooper 5: "Bringing up locater 6."

[Leader 6 approaches the Generator]

Trooper 4: "Sweep complete, moving to generator room enterance, sweeping hallway."

Trooper 6: "Copy, proceed."

Trooper 3: "Following."

[Trooper 4 begins humming.]

Leader 6: "What's the start-up code 5?"

Trooper 5: [Passcode has been redacted from report to maintain security.]

[Leader 6 is recorded repeating the passcode in response to Trooper 5, while keying into the pin-pad.]

Leader 6: "That should do it."

Trooper 1: "Finally, the temperature was starting to get unbearable."

Leader 6: "Standby for Lights."

Trooper 2: "Copy that."

Trooper 3: "Copy."

Trooper 4: "mM- ahuh, Copy." [continues to hum]

[30 seconds pass, Omega Unit wait for power to return to the district and for the lights to switch on.]

Leader 6: "Move on, our goal was only to get to bring the power back to the distrcit, We're done here"

Trooper 5: "Copy."

[Audo recordings show that an electronic hum begins to eminate from the district, and readings matching this time in the Audio recording show that power had indeed returned to the District.]

[Leader 6 and Trooper 5 meet with Trooper 4 and 3 outside the power room.]

Leader 6: "Mute, 4."

[Trooper 4 ceases to hum.]

Trooper 3: "Sounds like the power's back."

Trooper 2: "Lights?"

Leader 6: "We'll need to report this to command, our job was to put the generator back on. It's not lazy, but command may have different ideas for what needs to be done now."

Trooper 1: "This place is freaky enough as is. I'm glad we weren't assigned here before."

Leader 6: "Copy that 1, feeling is mutual."

Trooper 2: "Copy."

Trooper 3: "Roger."

[Omega Unit chuckles, previous reports indicate that 'Roger' is an uncommonly used term and that the unit prefers to use 'Copy' in response to orders.]

Trooper 5: "Mute Omega, I've got movement."

Leader 6: "Where?"

Trooper 5: "5-o'clock."

Trooper 2: "Telling the time, but not seeing anything 5."

[There is shuffling and Omega unit halts. Then a thump is recorded on all Omega unit's recorders and a flurried shuffling along with gunfire.]

Leader 6: "Contact, Omega Unit, turn back!"

Trooper 2: "Copy!"

Trooper 3: "Copy!"

Trooper 4: "Loud and Clear!"

[Omega Unit moves back to the Office Block, followd by the unidentified contact.]

[Gunfire ensues]

Trooper 5: "It's on the walls!"

Trooper 2: "What the hell is that!?"

Leader 6: "Move, Move!"

[Transmissions from Trooper 2 indicate wet sounds and contact is lost.]

Trooper 1: "10! 10!"

Trooper 3: "Impossible!"

Leader 6: "2 is dead, get to the exit!"

Trooper 5: "Hummer, move your ass!"

[Note: Hummer refers to Trooper 4]

[Audio recordings indicate that the contact emitted a screech, and had retreated from the office room.]

Trooper 1: "I think I shot the bugger!"

Leader 6: "Command, reached hostile contact within the Agents District. Calling for lockdown of exterior exits immediatly upon our recovery."

Command: "Copy that Omega Unit, Door is primed for locking, and ready to close behind you."

Leader 6: "Move your asses!"

[Sensors indicate that several signatures had exited through the door to the District.]

Command: "Extraction successful Omega Unit, closing door."

Leader 6: "Command, Come again?"

Command: "Closing door as requested."

[Omega Unit sensors indicate that they have not yet exited the District.]

Trooper 3: "Oh shi-"

Leader 6: "Command open the doors again, We are still in here!"

Command: "Copy that Omega Unit, opening door."

[The door to the Agents district opens once more and the five remaining members of Omega Unit exit the district.]

End Report.

Post Report statements from each of the Omega Unit confirm that upon exiting the district they had all seen an unidentified individual within the district, just beyond the door. They mentioned that it did not match the description of the individual they had made contact with inside the facility prior.

The Creature they had made contact with was capable of rotating all joints in any direction and the ability to climb on all surfaces regardless of the direction of gravity. This creature matches the description of Agent 10, which is attributed to the point where Trooper 1 shouted 10 in sequence upon contact with the individual. This is impossible however, as Agent 10 was killed during the collapse of the Agents Facility. And was at no point alive during GUN custody, however it should be noted that Agent 10's corpse is kept in the Agents district morgue but no disturbance of the corpse was detected prior to, during or after the blackout or incident.

The entirity of the Agents District was later swept by an extensive group of Units, Alpha through Ceti and neither individual was found. Neither the Creature related to Agent 10 or the individual that the Omega Unit had stated seeing on their escape was found. Without any further description of the unknwon individual, it could not be matched to any suriviving or missing agents.
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