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8: Alice - [Deceased] Empty 8: Alice - [Deceased]

on Sun Aug 11, 2019 10:53 pm
Name: Alice

Agent Name: 8

Age: 36

Species: Mouse

Gender: Female

Alice is quite large for a mouse, both in stature and in height. Her eye-level is approximately 4cm above that of the average Mouse, putting her at just above-average height. Her fur is of an Orange hue, with a slightly paler underbelly fur. The bone of Alice's Skull, down to the top five vertabrae, has been replaced with steel. Alice's eyes were also augmented with LED support, that allows Alice to activate them at will, illuminating the area around her. However, despite the numerous augments to her head, the only visible change to her skull is that of her Jaw. Agent 8's jaw was replaced with a hydraulic press, capable of exerting forces in excess of a thousand pounds. Despite being incredibly strong, the press is also relatively small and still fits within the standard jaw shape of a Mobian, however it is more pronounced on the rounded edges, causing them to appear square.
In order for the rest of Alice's body to support the weight of her augments, several metal supports were introduced into her body. Alongside these immense changes to her body, Agent 8's fingers were retrospectively replaced with blades of length equal to that of a normal set of Mobian Digits.
Alice's eyes were reportedly of a deep bluish-grey

Agent 8 almost never resorted to violence, only ever racking up 2 casualties during her assignments. Alice did not approve of her treatment by the Agents Program, and did not appreciate being forced to complete tasks for them, especially assassinations. from what can be gathered, Alice rejected assignments frequently and often caused difficulties in response to her treatment. Reports indicate that Agent 8 was rather freindly, albiet cold in her interactions, preffering to avoid contact.
Contact would almost never result in agression.

Combat traits


-Head and neck replaced with Steel, able to withstand bladed assault, but more susceptable to blunt force trauma.
-Eyes augmented with LED flashlights to allow illumination in the dark
-Jaw capable of exerting forces in excess of a thousand pounds.
-Fingers replaced with bladed appendages

-Extremely top-heavy, with most of the body weight residing in the top-half
-Difficult to use hands for day-to-day tasks


Alice was once a resident in Glasby city, records indicate she worked a job at a retail store and was paying rent in an apartment located within the CBD. However, bank records show that Alice had given away her bank details to individuals trustingly, and that her accounts had been emptied. Eventually Agent 8 lost her job and sunk into homelessness. She was then taken into the Agent's Program and forcebly augmented.

Once the first few agents were produced, it was determined that a series of Agents could prove useful, so a handful of augments were chosen to be given to Agent 8. Unfortunately for her, the Agent's Program's intention did not matche her own interest and so there was conflict.

Current situation: Deceased
Current Goal: N/A

Note: Had Agent 8 survived, it is believed that she could have been integrated into the population under surveillance and with correctional surgery.
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