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9: Susie - [MIA - Sighted] Empty 9: Susie - [MIA - Sighted]

on Tue Aug 27, 2019 12:39 pm
Name: Susie

Agent Name: 9

Age: 23

Species: Fennec

Gender: Female

Susie is average for a normal Fennec in regards to height and stature. Her eye level is about on-level with that of the average Fennec, putting her at average height. Her fur is a rich brown with paler muzzle and underbelly fur. Both of Susie's arms are made of steel, appearing much like the arms of the #001 series, however more akin to the size of #001b's arms than any other member of the series. This is due to the heavy mounted rotary machine guns or 'miniguns' these weapons have, from descriptions, been best matched to the M134 Minigun. In addition to this, Susie's chest cavity, while externally appearing like that of a normal mobian's, internally is entirely empty and used to store large quantities of munitions for the dual M134s. Susie's eyes have also been replaced with robotic replicas that otherwise appear normal, however in case of emergency her right eye conceals an additional 6-round firearm.
Susie's eyes, despite being mechanical have a green green colour.

Agent 9 is reportedly extremely violent when provoked, however generally manages themselve well enough. From reports and eye-witness accounts it is determined that Susie has her own set of goals, and will do anything to complete them, save injuring herself. Casualties don't seem to bother Agent 9 but she will not kill inherently for the sake of the kill. From what can be gathered, Agent 9 was used as a sort of clearance crew along with a few other agents, sent in before a recovery to clear the area with extreme force. Susie was uncomfortable with he treatment during her time in the agents program but did not seem to resist with great force.
Contact with Susie will not inherently result in aggression however her presence will usually indicate that violence will ensue. Contact is not advised however in the event that it is inescapable individuals are urged to remain calm, remove themselves as soon as possible and report location and any information discovered about Agent 9.

Combat traits


-Dual M134 Miniguns stored within the arms.
-Ammunitions barrel within chest cavity for weapons, and easy access to reload ammo belts.
-No need for consumption of foodstuffs to maintain locomotion and able to recharge using standard electrical outlets.
-6-barrelled weapon stored within cranium for emergency use.

-Reliant on access to electricity
-Must reload after approximately a minute of sustained fire


There is no information regarding Agent 9's history before entering into the Agents program, however it can be assumed that she was living in poverty or without a home prior to acquirement. Agent 9's augments were chosen as a test to determine the extents to which the Agent #001 series' weapon augments could be pushed, however after replacing Agent 9's chest cavity with a munitions barrel it was determined that such augments on the #001 series would prevent other augments to physical capabilities.

Once a sufficient quantity of Agents had been produced Agent 9 was issued to into a taskforce and designated 'clearance crew', ordered to lead an attack on a location and kill all designated personal within. Agent 9 was not present at the collapse of the Agents facility and once news of the building's destruction spread she fled to persue her own goals.

Current situation: MIA - sighted within Glasby City
Current Goal: Unknown
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