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[GUN] DARR - research log 12/X/XX Empty [GUN] DARR - research log 12/X/XX

on Sun Sep 08, 2019 1:40 pm
For the sake of public security, the exact date including month and year of each entry has been redacted, however for the sake of the OMR the day of the month has been kept on file, please note that while the days may change erratically e.g 12, 8, 30, 15 they are all in current chronological order according to Month and Year which has been redacted.

Study log 12/X/XX

Researcher: Darken Millennium, GUN researcher, head of DARR devision.

According to the satellite scans, and several tests of the area by mobile task forces in the old city, the Radiation leakage following the incident is still a serious Carcenogenic health risk. Fenris is currently and should remain to be a Quarantine zone for the foreseeable future. On behalf of GUN, we are most aggrieved by the losses of your homes and even your families, however for your safety military patrols have been stationed around the quarantine zone, they are authorised to protect the danger zone with deadly force if necessary.

We thank you for your cooperation during the evacuation of the city, and hope to compensate for your losses shortly.

GUN report:
Scans indicate that while there is no visible effects beyond that of the initial collapse, GUN patrols have been able to detect that everything in the area is layered thick with radiation-dense dust and almost every surface of the city is irradiated. Much of the air is thick with a radioactive fog. The hazard levels are estimated be be at lethal doses for the next 3 years, and the full effect of the isotopes are expected to last for the next 50 years.

Gun soldiers are not to enter the Quarantine zone beyond the second perimeter at any time unless directly ordered by a member of DARR or by an executive decree.

Hourly stationing of patrols within the first perimeter are to be conducted swiftly to cover as much ground as possible, and then rotated out on the hour, allowing no more than 5 minutes beyond the allocated end of shift.

DARR report: Satellite imagine is still unable to detect where the Banish Engine is located, it is assumed that it has been lost underneath some of the rubble resulting from Fenris's destruction. Instead of recovering the device it has been decided that a Quarantine zone be set up around the perimeter of the city. The perimeter shall have 2 tiers with the first being stationed 3km away from the city and the second perimetre stationed within 1km.

No harmful radiation has been detected within the area however for the protection of the public from organisations that would seek to recreate the events leading to Fenris's destruction a facade must be maintained convincing the public and lower level GUN personal and researchers that the incident was caused by a nuclear reactor failure.

In order to prevent unauthorised obtainment of the Banish Engine patrols must maintain their stations as stated in the more publicly available GUN report.

While all Dark Crystals were removed from this dimension prior to the activation of the Banishment engine, a thin, nutrient rich fog has gathered roughly 30cm above ground level and a more standard moisture based haze has gathered above.

Log purpose: collaboration of All variations of announcements made to different groups of authority.

End log.
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