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Report - Fenris Radiation Perimeter Incident Empty Report - Fenris Radiation Perimeter Incident

on Sun Oct 20, 2019 12:59 pm

Reporting: GUN -------- Unit, 7 Leader

Time: 1800 Hours

Location: Site 136, Fenris ruins east perimeter 2

Premise: Soldier 4 of the GUN Unit broke through the perimeter against instruction and entered into the irradiated zone of Fenris city at 0720 hours and the Unit was ordered not to attempt retrieving Soldier 4 due to the risk of a lethal dosage of the residual radiation. The unit was then, as per the safety requirements of the Fenris perimeter, was required to rotate out of their position within perimeter 2 at 0800 hours.

Soldier 4 was reported to have emerged from the perimeter alone at 1340 hours, 6 rotations after he had disappeared.

Leader 7 of the GUN unit is now being taken in for questioning. The following report details that questioning.

Begin Report:

[Leader 7 is seated in a lounge, Researcher Q14 enters and sits opposite of Leader 7]
[Q14 is a member of the DARR devision, however Leader 7 is unaware of the true nature of the Fenris city collapse and as such Q14 is instructed to behave likewise]
[A dossier is placed on the small coffee table between 7 and Q14, alongside two small standalone microphones to record the questioning]

Leader 7: "This is much more comfortable than I expected."

Researcher Q14: "I could arrange something harder if you like?"

Leader 7: [A chuckle] "No, no. This will be fine."

Researcher Q14: "Now, you were present during Soldier 4's disappearance yes?"

Leader 7: "Yes. Look, I don't want to waste your time, so perhaps it'd be best if I just tell you what I know and then you ask questions after?"

Researcher Q14: [A sigh] "Yes, thank you."

Leader 7: "Alright, so we were called out at 0400 hours to begin patrols at the first perimeter, I got my men suited up and we head out. We show up at the first perimeter at about 0500 hours, and set up station."

Researcher Q14: "Sorry, does this have to do with what happened at perimeter 2?"

Leader 7: "Uh, yeah... I figured you might want the full report?"

Researcher Q14: "Oh, yes, carry on then."

Leader 7: "I send Soldier 1 and 2 to follow the perimeter around to the west and Soldier 3 and 4 to the east, me, 5, 6, and 8 stay at the gate. 1 and 2 get back at about 0530, on schedule, 3 and 4 get back around 0540. I ask 3 and 4 to swap stations with me and 5, so we can go back out on the 2nd patrol."

[Q14s assistant enters the room, carrying a plate with 2 cups of coffee. The assistant places the plate on the coffee table and then quickly leaves.]

Researcher Q14: "Ah, fantastic." [a slurp] "Please, help yourself."

[Leader 7 takes the cup off of the plate and places it closer to him on the coffee table.]

Leader 7: "Thanks. Anyway, the rest of the patrol goes pretty smoothly. Then we get called out to perimeter 2 at 0640 to head out for our shift at 0700 hours. Most of us are pretty chatty during the transit over there, we'd only barely finished our irradiation regime after our last patrol."

[Leader 7 takes a drink of the coffee.]

Leader 7: "Ahh. Yeah, but the only one who isn't complaining about the radiation is Soldier 4, he remains pretty quiet, but I figured he was just having a rough day or something. I guess I wasn't wrong huh?"

Researcher Q14: "What do you mean?"

Leader 7: "I'll get to that later I'm afraid."

Researcher Q14: "Very well."

Leader 7: "So we show up at Perimeter 2 at 0700 and we begin our shift, I send Soldier 1 and 2 out to the west and 3 and 4 to the east, same as our first patrol at Perimeter 1. Of course, not everything goes through smoothly, I get a call at 0720 from soldier 3 telling me that Soldier 4 scaled the perimeter and disappeared into the radiation zone."

Researcher Q14: "How'd he climb a 7 foot concrete wall without anyone noticing?"

Leader 7: [shifts uncomfortably] "Soldier 3 told me he'd gone ahead after 4 told him he needed to take a leak."

Researcher Q14: "That's against reg-"

Leader 7: "Regulation. I'm aware."

Researcher Q14: "I see."

[Q14 removes a small notepad from his lab coat and jots down a quick note]

Researcher Q14: "Continue."

Leader 7: "5 and I rush to 3's position, and all we manage to find is Soldier 4's rifle and headgear."

Researcher Q14: "And soldier 4's sidearm?"

Leader 7: "No, he took that."

Researcher Q14: "I see, please continue." [a slurp]

Leader 7: "Uh, yeah, alright. So I call it in to command that Soldier 4's gone into the zone, and we get told not to go after him, but to continue our patrol, so I take 4's place with 3 and send 5 back to the gate. And continue our patrol, a little spooked but nothing happens between then and 0800."

Researcher Q14: "I see, and you mentioned something about Soldier 4 having a rough day?"

Leader 7: "Ah yeah. On our way back to base to begin out radiation recovery process Soldier 3 tells me that the reason they got back 10 minutes behind schedule during their first patrol was because Soldier 4 confided in him that his wife and left him, took the kids, the whole shebang. You guys should have all that, I assume that's what you've got in the folder there?”

Researcher Q14: “Indeed.”

[note that information regarding Soldier 4’s divorce did not come to light until this moment and the dossier does not relate to Soldier 4 at all]

Leader 7: “So I... I can only assume that Soldier 4 had been attempting suicide.”

Researcher Q14: “Indeed. From what he managed to tell us, that’s what he had attempted.”

Leader 7: “Poor bugger, if he lived through that then he won’t for much longer.”

Researcher Q14: “Radiation poisoning is a slow death. Is that all you remember about the event?”

Leader 7: “Well... yeah I guess so.”

Researcher Q14: “Ok. Well then I’d like to ask a few more questions.”

Leader 7: “Go for it. I’m not sure if there much more I can tell you.”

Researcher Q14: “Did Soldier 3 say he had been told anything else by Soldier 4?”

Leader 7: “Uhh... no. I don’t think so.”

Researcher Q14: “Very well. What about after Soldier 4’s return. What do you know about that?”

Leader 7: “Oh uh... well I was talking with Leader 12 over the radio on the way here. Guy said that Soldier 4 was... happy. He was glad he’d gone into the perimeter.”

Researcher Q14: “Knowing he was going to die?”

Leader 7: “Sorry?”

Researcher Q14: “Why was Soldier 4 happy?”

Leader 7: “I uh... I think 12 said that it was like 4 had found a new outlook on life or something. Crazy bastard.”

Researcher Q14: “Textbook.”

Leader 7: “Hey... haven’t you questioned Soldier 4 yet?”

Researcher Q14: “Pardon?”

Leader 7: “If you’ve got 4 in custody right now, shouldn’t you have questioned him already? Why would you need to question me?”

Researcher Q14: “We just needed to get a clear picture. Cross reference.”

Leader 7: “I see.”

Researcher Q14: “Alright. Well I hope we’ve been able to help you understand the situation and I thank you for allowing us to as well.”

Leader 7: “No problem. And thank you.”

[Researcher Q14 stands, picks up the folder and walks silently from the room, leaving Leader 7 seated. Shortly after Leader 7 is escorted out of the room and returned to his duties.]
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