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on Wed Jul 31, 2019 2:06 pm
General Information:
-This section of the contains all of the vital information that you need to begin your life here on the forum, it gives the outline and explanation for everything that can be done and everything you're allowed to do.

-This section is where you (as a Student) can apply to become a Researcher, and then be permitted to make posts on our Forum and contribute to the Archives. Leave a post there as described in it's guidelines to apply.
-This section is where you (as a new member) can introduce yourself, not your character, to everyone else on the Forum. We'd like to know your interests, what sort of things you'll be researching, what sort of things you'll be contributing (If you want to become a Researcher).

The OMR:
-If you want to talk about the OMR, out of character, then feel free to do so here.
-If you're having issues, or have questions for the Staff, feel free to leave your post here.
-Have some Ideas? Have a series of Posts that you'd like to make featured? Feel free to leave those sorts of requests here.
Research Discussion
-If you want to talk about Items of Interest out of character, do so here.
Break Room:
-If you want to talk about any topic in the OMR, whether it be the OMR itself, Items of interest or other topics IN CHARACTER, feel free to do so here.

Researchers & Students:
-This is where you can introduce your character/s. All characters are Student by default, but you can then leave an application to promote them to a Researcher in the Introductions section. Just because your account is a Researcher account, it does not mean all of your character are automatically allowed to be Researchers, you must apply individually for each character. Having a Researcher account means that you have at least one character already that is a researcher.
Items of Interest:
-This is the most important part of the forum, this is where you can leave detailed descriptions of powers, creatures, inventions etc. Please make sure to follow cannonical rules when writing your Items of interests.

-This is where you can ask other individuals about writing Tales or Reports about Items of Interest that currently belong to another Researcher.
-This is where you can post stories or first-hand accounts in regards to Items of interests that you have posted, or have recieved permission to write about.
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