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Rules & Courtesy Empty Rules & Courtesy

on Wed Jul 31, 2019 2:06 pm
Some of these Rules are taken Directly from the SRN, and some of them have been modified to suit the current Forum.
Regardless of your history with the SRN, please read the rules to refresh your mind and learn anything new you need to abide with.

1. No spamming. What's spamming? Essentially it covers pointless posts - and how do you identify a post as pointless? Well, we have a few sub-rules for that;
1.1. Do not double-post. Double posting is re-posting a topic with minor changes to it, there is an edit message function that allows you to correct mistakes or add additional information without having to do that.
1.2. Do not go off-topic. When in the Discussion section, please do not try to derail a discussion if a topic is already being discussed thouroughly
1.3. No one word posts. When in the Discussion section, please do not leave a comment that is simply 'thanks' or something of similiar length. We would like the forum to remain as proffessional as possible, but we don't expect sceincy talk to be maintained in the discussion section.

2. No drama. We understand everyone has problems, and we understand you'll sometimes want to talk about it. Still, please don't come on the forum or into the chat with the express purpose of just talking negatively and trying to drag the whole mood of the place down.
2.1. No flaming or trolling. What's flaming/trolling? It's at it's core insulting people, or speaking in a way as to purposefully offend, annoy or antagonise others. We're trying to be a friendly community here people, so any overt acts of aggression WILL be dealt with.
2.2. Avoid encouraging arguments. If someone is flaming you, try not to encourage them by arguing back. We understand that can be quite hard, but try to rise above it, and if you feel someone is attacking or offending you personally - report it to a staff member. They'll step in and try to defuse matters.

3. No overly Sexual content. No 'ifs' 'ands' or 'buts'. No 'It's an important peice of information'. No 'It's important character development'. We will allow violence almost to the nth degree in your scientific reports and in the Tales section, as it's frankly realistic, but it'll have to be reaslistic to begin with.
This also means we'd rather you keep swearing to a minimum - it's not outright banned, but try to avoid using it unless you feel it absoloutely neccesary to the emphasis of your statements. We'll warn you if we feel you're being excessive... though ideally you should be able to tell for yourself if you are.

4. No art or Content theft. This should be pretty obvious to all of you, but we've had a fair amount of this. What does this include? It includes claiming another person's Researcher/item as your own, using others art without permission, recolouring other's work and claiming it as your own, Writing a report about an item that isn't your own, a whole variety of things along those lines.

5. No joining just to advertise. We're here to build an active community and to share information, not for you to leech members off of.
It is worth noting, for art topics and similar such, you're allowed to link to your art, or specifics, or other relevant things. Just... no advertising your own site and such.

6. Only have one account. Your account is your account, for you and you alone. Your account does not belong to your Researcher, and your status on the Forum only serves to show your highest level of contribution to the site. You can have multiple Researchers/Students for your Account if you wish, but not all of your characters will automatically become the same status as your account. No additional accounts for if you want to change your name - we have topics in place for that. No 'I got banned and wanted to explain my actions so I created another account!' Your account is your account - it's a record of who you are and what you've done on the site, both positive and negative. Stick to it.

7. Have respect for others. This is by far the most important rule, encompassing many of the other rules above. This is a community, and whilst not everyone will neccesarily get along, it's important to treat everyone here as a human being, and treat everyone as you'd like to be treated yourself! And this does include everyone on the forum - not just the ones you think 'deserve it'.
7.1. Respect the staff and their decisions. You sometimes may disagree with the staff - you sometimes may feel that their call isn't right. But just remember how many members they're having to manage over, and how few there are of them. In the end, they'll make the choices best suited for the forum and the community as a whole - not for the best of one of it's individuals who thinks they're above their authority.
7.2. Respect the rules. These are all here for a reason. They're to make the community the best it can be. Some of them may seem restrictive, but in truth, they're here to provide the membership the freedom to interact without worry of others ruining it for them. Please stick to the rules... and don't try to find loopholes. If you're gonna break rules, don't try and get out of it on technicalities or abuse wording. If you know there's something you shouldn't be doing... don't do it. End of.
7.3. Overall? Be a good person. It's as simple as that. Stick to the rules, don't be a jerk, treat everyone with respect, behave, and all will be well! Play nice people!

8. Make an Introduction topic. Oh, did you think I'd wrapped up there? Well, not quite - posting this right at the bottom, so it'll be fresh in your mind and you'll have no excuse for forgetting. We'll take it as a sign that you've read the rules! Aaall you have to do is, before posting anywhere else or doing anything else - make a topic in the forum's Introduction section to introduce yourself! Get on that, and then you can start to get to know the community - and then start to get posting!
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