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Agents Overview Empty Agents Overview

on Wed Jul 31, 2019 6:29 pm
Name: The Agents Program

Species: All Species excluding humans

Date Founded: Approx. 10 years ago

Ideal: Creating a new species with almost peak existential perfection

Main Base/location: The main facility was destroyed 4 years ago by the efforts of the OMR Founders, the ruins still lie deep below a tropical rain-forest 10 degrees north of Adabat.

Other Base Locations: There are no other known Agent facilities, but before the collapse of the organisations main database, there was rumour of other facilities.

Uniform: None

Alignment: Chaotic Evil


While Equipment is far from the main goal of the Agent's Program, there are a few of the more conventional tools and weaponry on hand. Small Firearms both Kinetic and Energy based, Surgical equipment, the likes.


The only known Agents facility was located a few miles south-east of Fenris or the 'Tin City' and was partially responsible for it's destruction. Located deep within the rainforest and hundreds of metres underground it's above ground entrance is marked only by a concrete shed that serves as a garage for vehicles and large specimens to enter and exit.


The Agents program was founded by a psychotic hedgehog by the name of Tress, who had come to the belief that Mobians without Powers are weak and as the world stood at the time, humans were the dominant life form. After a long and relentless murdering spree, he realised that if he was going to do anything to, in his eyes, benefit the world, he would have to begin researching other means.

He took to kidnapping youth from the street, derelicts, rabble-rousers, and the homeless, along with anyone else caught in the net, locking them away in the main Agent facility, until he could think of something to do with them. Barely feeding them enough to survive.

Tress Finally made a breakthrough, picking up DNA left behind after a 'bestowed' Mobian (A mobian with powers) was involved in a public incident. He began to duplicate the DNA, adjusting aspects of it, injecting the resulting compounds into the many subjects he'd kidnapped.

In between bouts of research, he took to other methods to improve Mobian-Kind, Cutting up his hostages and stitching them back together, reducing unnecessary expenses and improving effectiveness, but leaving them in horrible agony.

Even the Serums and concoctions that Tress managed to scrape together were prone to negative effects, permanently disfiguring or rupturing internal organs. The Subjects were indeed imbued with immense power as a result, but at too high a cost to be deemed worth it.

An estimated 500 Hostages were taken, all of which were administered an extreme strength Anaesthetic to wipe their memory. But when subject number 446 turned against Tress, eventually bringing the Main facility down to its foundations, roughly 350 of the monstrosities were killed.

While not all 500 Agents were alive at the time of the collapse of the program, roughly 70 or so had been killed prior, and as the actual structure itself collapsed, any of the Agents not locked within the highest of security holding rooms were set free.

Approximately 70 Agents escaped, many of which were killed, by each other or by other means, shortly thereafter. Very few of the original Agents Survived the collapse, with Alia being one of the only known, and Tress himself being unaccounted for.

Only 45 Known Agents Remain.

Many of the surviving Agents are at large, untracked by GUN and unable to be located. However some are in GUN custody, and some have been deemed non-aggressive and allowed to integrate into society. All corpses that could be recovered from the facility are in GUN custody. All Agents related items in GUN custody are stored within the Agents District of site 78. It is equipped with morgues and holding cells as appropriate.
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