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4: Marmin - [Deceased] Empty 4: Marmin - [Deceased]

on Sun Aug 04, 2019 1:03 pm
Name: Marmin

Agent Name: 4

Age: 36

Species: Gerbil

Gender: Male

Marmin is Abnormally large for a gerbil in his stature and height. His eye-level is roughly 7cm above that of the average Gerbil, putting him at above-average height. His fur apparently used to be a vibrant orange and it is assumed that his underbelly fur would be a paler shade of orange in accordance with other Gerbils.
Marmin's skin was replaced entirely with plated PVC plastic, creating an armour slightly more adjustable and much lighter than steel plates. The armour was reportedly of a pale grey shade much like commercially available PVC piping.
This Agent is still biological in nature and has dark brown eyes.

Agent 4 was a softly spoken individual, remaining quiet unless required to speak, and was generally well mannered, however the plastic plating in place of his epidermis causes Marmin constant pain and he can become sporadic when moving quickly or under stress. Agent 4 was reportedly unsatisfied with his treatment as an Agent and was not entirely loyal to the cause, however would obey any orders given to him.
Contact with Marmin would almost never result in aggression unless the contact proved to be posing a possible permanent prevention of completing its orders.

Combat traits


-Skin replaced with hard PVC plastic plates, providing a much harder outer surface.
-All internal organs replaced with mechanical versions replicating standard function, yes also unsusceptable to diseases.

-PVC playing causes constant discomfort and can cause severe pain if jostled.
-Organs susceptible to EMP and other anti-electronic or magnetic weaponry.


Agent 4 was born with a skin disease that caused it to constantly flake and fall off, as such he was unable to keep a job and ended up homeless.
When it came time to run tests on skin replacements for the Agents program, it was immediately decided that Marmin would be the perfect candidate for the tests as it would solve Marmin's outstanding issue and would reduce the cost of maintaining his livelihood.

Once the skin had been replaced it was discovered that Agent 4 had become extremely susceptible to contraction of other diseases and to blunt-force trauma to the armour plating, as such it was decided to replace all vulnerable organs and vitals with mechanical replicas.

Current situation: Deceased
Current Goal: N/A

Note: Had Agent 4 survived, it is believed that he could have been integrated into the population under surveillance.
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