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7: Gorm - [Deceased] Empty 7: Gorm - [Deceased]

on Tue Aug 06, 2019 10:15 pm
Name: Gorm

Agent Name: 7

Age: 38

Species: Wolf

Gender: Male

Gorm is much shorter than most wolves of his kind, in regards to height and stature, and is roughly 4cm below eye-level with that of an average wolf. Putting him slightly below-average height. Gorm's fur is that of a speckled gray, with gradients of black to a light grey, but mostly in the dark-to-moderate range of shades. Underbelly and muzzle fur is slightly blue in tone, but matched the rest of his fur in shade.
From what could be gathered, Agent 7 was completely sedentary, unable to move in any way.
Gorm's eyes are reportedly a dull green.

No information could be gathered on what Agent 7's behaviour was out in the field or in regards to the facility, as he was not sent on any recorded assignments.

Combat traits



-Incapable of movement


After being taken into the Agents facility, Agent 7 was tested for any hidden capabilities, it was found that a dormant gene hidden within the neural network of Gorm's brain could be activated and would prove to be a viable source of supernatural abilities. However, during testing and attempts to augment Gorm in such a way that this gene could be made dominant and cell reproduction could result in integration of the gene, a small slipup resulted in a minor cancerous growth to form within Gorm's Heart. The growth was removed but the amount of blood being circulated was then only barely enough to allow basic congnitive function.

Current situation: Deceased
Current Goal: N/A
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