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Character Biography Empty Character Biography

on Wed Jul 31, 2019 12:52 pm
Note: This is taken Directly from the SRN, and it contains items such as Power and Abilities. While your Researcher will likely never use these on the OMR, it's still useful information to know.

Name: The full and official name of your character
Nicknames: Any nicknames they give themselves, or other people give them
Age: The official age of your character.
Species: Their species. For example: hedgehog, fox ect.
Gender: The gender of the character.
Occupation: What they do to make a living (their job or profession). Be it assassin, animal hunter, office worker, whatever.

Their appearance. Please write this out in as much detail as possible to ensure the readers have a clear image of what your character looks like. Remember to include details such as body build, their standard posture, the type of person they give off at first impressions and other details, as well as the standard clothing and fur colour and such.

The images for your character go here. If there are multiple, you are free to bullet point them. If another person made the image for you, remember to give them credit. Do not, in under any circumstances, steal art for this section as you will be banned accordingly, and we are very good at finding out these things.

Personality traits

Their likes are bullet pointed here. Feel free to add more if need be. You do not need to go into detail here, as your character will be expanded in the 'personality' section. Simple words will do, which will allow the reader a basic view of what your character is like.

Their dislikes are bullet pointed here. Feel free to add more if need be. The same applies to the likes - a phrase is enough, as points can be expanded on in the personality section. Remember to vary - this is just a basic picture of your character.

The meat of this section, and one that requires the most depth. Personality is a massive range, and you are expected to put at least a paragraph here explaining how your character acts in general, and the kind of person they are. This section is very important. You must include both their positive aspects and their negative ones. Remember - don't keep your character as 2D cardboard. Branch out and explain yourself! What are the good things about them? What are the bad? Do they make friends easily? Are they insecure? You have a lot to write about, so don't waste it.

Combat traits

This is where you put the powers of your character, if any. Please go into detail and describe what they can do, rather than 'ice powers' or 'fire powers'. What are the limitations? Is there a unique flair to it? Make sure the reader knows exactly what the power can do! And if they don't have powers, what skills do they have in combat? Out of combat? Are they particularly good at anything that could be deemed worthy to be put in this section?



The strengths and weaknesses of your character. While a few words are passable, it is preferred that you go into detail to explain why it is a strength or weakness. Remember - everything has a reason! An important note: strengths and weaknesses are not limited to combat and it is preferred you put in some points that show they are more than combat-focused. For example, is your character good with people? That's a strength. Are they insecure and always feel a need to be around people? That's a weakness. Expand beyond combat. You'll get a cookie for it.

Social information

Positive relations

Good people they know! That's pretty much it! Who are the people they respect and like? Their friends? Though for the sake of the readers, please explain who these people are rather than just put a name down. They're not gonna know who 'Flame the Hedgefox' is and why they're deemed a friend to your character.

Negative relations

Bad people they know! Same as the above, this is just writing down who's a bad guy to them in their eyes. Again, the readers aren't gonna know 'DeathEvil the Wolf' and why they're such a baddie, so please go into detail on why they're viewed as a negative influence to your character.


Pretty much as stated, this is where you write the backstory of your character. If you're feeling particularly lazy, you can bullet point important events rather than write it out in paragraphs. Just as long as you are able to show the reader what events happened in your character's life. Remember to stick to character creation rules and, above all else, make sure it makes logical sense!

And you're done! Congrats! The bio base is below, free to use. Just copy it into a new topic and fill in the information for yourself!
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